3D Machine Vision Ruler3000

10 Jul 2023

The fast way to high-performance 3D

The new 3D vision solution from SICK, Ruler3000, fits a wide variety of industrial needs. It is fast and offers high image quality. The 3D camera, built around the same CMOS sensor from SICK as the Ranger3 product family, offers superior image processing and reliable measurement results. Ruler3000 is easy to integrate and use. Its design is compact and the factory-calibrated camera has all the convenience features needed, including specific geometries for predefined fields of view.

High-tech 3D machine vision made easy

Captures even very small object details with measurements in the micrometer range

Part of the Ruler3000 family is tailored to the electronics and semiconductor industries and is focused on capturing the really small details with micrometer measurements. Thanks to options for different fields of view, and blue or red lasers in laser class 2 or 3R, there are solutions for reliable results with challenging materials.

Get high-quality data even for complex applications