3D LiDAR sensors multiScan100

06 Jul 2023

Precise detection and localization – everything in 3D

Whether for detection or localization: The multiScan100 3D LiDAR sensor is a good choice. With its 16 scan layers, the sensor has a large three-dimensional field of view. That means the multiScan100 can detect its surroundings not only vertically, but also horizontally in 3D. Due to its high-resolution 0° scan layer, the sensor is also well suited for 2D localization. Even when it comes to 3D environment perception of mobile platforms, for example for collision avoidance, the multiScan100 is the right product.


  • With the 16 scan layers, people and objects can be identified in detail and represented by the 3D point cloud
  • The 360° all-round view and a large vertical aperture angle make it possible to cover a large working range
  • Can be used for localization tasks thanks to high-resolution 0° scan layer
  • High measurement accuracy with low measurement noise for precise fine positioning
  • Rugged design ensures long availability in harsh environments
  • Individual configuration possible thanks to apps and software add-ons whose measurement data the sensor evaluates directly

Thanks to its horizontal aperture angle of 360° and its high-resolution 0° scan layer, the multiScan100 is suitable for many applications: Its performance is not only impressive for industrial vehicles, mobile platforms as well as agricultural and work machines. The sensor is also used in traffic monitoring and in smart cities. Using its measurement data, vehicles can, for example, easily avoid obstacles.