SICK Industrial Barcode Scanners

12 May 2021

Sick offers Industrial Barcode Scanner Technologies for product traceability including; laser-based scanners for 1D codes and image-based 1D and 2D code readers.

SICK Barcode Scanners

Fixed mount laser barcode scanners

  • Reading of bar codes at various distances and with different object sizes with just one device thanks to a large depth of field
  • A single device also provides coverage of wide reading areas due to a large aperture angle
  • High read stability even in varying ambient light due to outstanding ambient light immunity
  • Low commissioning costs as auto-focus function means setup couldn’t be simpler

SICK Image-Based Barcode Scanners

Image-based code readers

  • Flexible reading of various code types, for example 2D codes such as data matrix codes, regardless of the code alignment (360°)
  • Monitoring of code qualities to optimize processes by using code analytics in the device
  • Subsequent image analysis as images of identified objects are stored
  • Reading, evaluation, and analysis of severely damaged codes due to corrective image processing algorithms

SICK Handheld Barcode Scanner

Mobile hand-held scanners

  • Mobile scanning of a variety of code types (for example bar codes and 2D codes such as data matrix codes) and ability to read the code regardless of its orientation (360°) – for maximum flexibility
  • Reading distances of up to 16 m for time-saving code scanning and therefore higher productivity
  • Solutions from a single source: either as a supplement to our permanently mounted identification sensors and systems or as a standalone solution
  • Mobile hand-held scanners and external devices can also be integrated into our customer’s machine and plant control systems via our fieldbus module

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