SPEETEC Captures Motion without Contact

19 Jan 2021

**SPEETEC Captures Motion without Contact **

Reliably determines length, position and speed


SICK SPEETEC transcends the limits in the monitoring of movements. Non-contact and with no measuring elements or scales, it reliably determines the length, position and speed of all kinds of objects and surfaces


Whether it be continuous roll materials or single items, paper, plastic, metal, wood or textile. Its advantages are particularly evident for sensitive or soft surfaces, which can be damaged by conventional tactile sensors. Being virtually wear and maintenance free in operation, it is so economical that the investment pays off in no time at all.


  • Optical sensors avoids damage and contamination to the surfaces being measured
  • Class 1 laser saves costs as no additional laser protection measures are required
  • High measurement accuracy and reproducibility
  • Optimized productivity and process quality through measurement without slippage
  • Effective with many materials, colors and surfaces